Many industries and business types will see amazing improvements by implementing a mobile app into their marketing strategy, however this tool may suit all businesses.
There are a few general guidelines and categories used to determine whether a mobile app will work for your business and the platform Suitability.

1. App User Base - Customers/Members/Followers.
A user base is a database of people that utilise the businesses services, information or products regularly. These may be customers, clients, members, followers or patients. To have a successful app you must have a following or users who will regularly use the app and its content.

2. User Contact
Does the business need to contact the users regularly? Having your own Branded app gives you the opportunity to contact your users directly using push notifications. This contact might be in the form of app updates, news, sales or appointment bookings and more.

3. Bookings/ Appointments
Does the business take bookings or appointments? If the business has the above criteria and requires a booking system, this can be integrated from their current system or an onboard system can be utilised. One benefit to smaller businesses may be the elimination of 3rd party/independent online booking platform, which can be very expensive. Remember your users would use this frequently so providing a smooth and easy experience is paramount.

4. Merchandise/IP
What does the business shave to share? This applies to products and services. Selling your products through the app give your users a fantastic and easy level or service. If a user can make an online purchase at the time they first desire to, instead of waiting until they have access to a desktop device, they are more likely to follow through with that purchase. For example, if a user receives a message promoting your product on sale, they can easily go through the sale process right then and there in the app, in contrast to conventional email marketing where the customer has opportunity to search for other comparable items online, be targeted by marketing or miss the email offer all together.

5. Use the App!
Business suitability for an app also comes down to the businesses marketing strategy when future proofing. To benefit from implementing an app into your business profile, the app must be used regularly and to its full functional capacity. While this sounds obvious, a business can keep the flow of information and contact to users by regularly updating content and sending notifications. Use all the features and functions provided in the app to your advantage. Keeping the app up to date and relevant to the user market is vitally important to the life and success of the app.

Identifiable Industries - but not limited to.
These are some of the industries/business that would benefit from their own branded mobile app: Allied Health, Medical Specialists, Dentists, Veterinary, Sports, Personal Training, Gyms, Sporting Clubs, Churches, Trainers, Schools, Pre-schools, Groups, Clubs, Photographers, Small Business owners, Sole trader, Consultant's, Virtual Assistants, Accountants, Book keeping, Lawyers….

If you have a franchise business you may need to check with your parent company for permissions to have your own branded app created.

If you still have questions whether your business is suitable contact ZH for a chat!

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